General FAQs

AbiBird sensor and smartphone app.

What is AbiBird and how does it work?

The AbiBird solution is an ingenious blend of technology that includes the AbiBird sensor and the AbiBird app. The AbiBird sensor discreetly tracks the activity in the cared-for person’s home and displays the activity on a 24 hr line chart on the AbiBird app on the carer’s smartphone. The AbiBird app will send notifications and alerts to the Carer when activity in the cared-for person’s home is unusual and not in accordance with the routine that has been set for the AbiBird sensor.

AbiBird offers an unobtrusive, wireless solution without the need for a wearable device or a telephone or Internet connection at the cared-for person’s home.

A quick glance at the AbiBird app will indicate whether the cared-for person is going about their daily routine. If over a set period of time activity exceeds normal levels, or if activity stops, the AbiBird sensor will send a real time alert notification to the carer’s smartphone and/or an email to their designated email address.

How much does AbiBird cost?

The cost of an AbiBird sensor is $20.00 per month. Each additional AbiBird sensor costs $10.00 per month. Importantly, the AbiBird subscription is commitment free – no lock-in contracts and no minimum term. You can request to cancel and return the device at any time.

Also, there are no hidden fees or charges for the AbiBird app or for any additional people that you may invite as part of your loved one’s Carer Support Network.

Note that all prices include GST.

Are there any cameras or ways to identify who is generating the motion?

AbiBird uses infrared motion sensors to detect activity. There are no cameras or audio recordings.

Independence for your loved ones does not need to come at the expense of their privacy. Yet AbiBird still provides you as the Carer with a high degree of insight into whether your loved one is OK or not.

How many AbiBird sensors will I need for my Cared-for-Person?

Depending on the size of your home we recommend one to two AbiBird sensors be placed in the following locations:

– Hallway: This is the place that generally captures most of the motion activity, as the cared-for-person goes about their daily life between all the rooms in their home.

– Bedroom: Placing the AbiBird sensor on the cared-for-person’s bedside table (the same side they get out of bed), pointing away from the bed itself has been useful for our Carer customers. It will let you know if your loved one hasn’t gotten out of bed yet or is getting up frequently at night! All very useful information to know.

– Main living room: If the cared-for person spends a lot of time in their living room this can also be a great place to make sure that they are going about their daily lives, even if this mean sitting in their favourite chair. If the cared-for-person has a larger home then you might need at minimum three AbiBird sensors. Note that the AbiBird sensor has a 90⁰ line of site view and a detection range of up to 10 metres.

Operating the AbiBird app.

What type of smartphone do I need to have to operate the AbiBird app?

As the Carer, you will need either an iPhone (with iOS 10+) or an Android smartphone (with Android 5+). You can download the AbiBird smartphone app (IoT Global Technologies) from either Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Note that the cared-for-person who has the AbiBird sensor(s) in their home does not need access to any additional technology apart from their AbiBird sensor(s).

If the Cared-for-Person requires assistance or help how will you know?

There are two types of alerts that the AbiBird app will send you as the primary Carer and account holder:

Unusual Activity Alert: AbiBird will compare the measured motion activity currently in the cared-for-person’s home relative to the routines set up by you on the AbiBird app. If activity levels are not consistent with the expected schedules then and ‘Unusual Alert’ will be sent.

‘Request for Contact’ Emergency Alert: The cared-for-person can also tap the AbiBird sensor repeatedly and this will trigger an immediate emergency notification on your AbiBird app. Under this situation, the AbiBird sensor will turn red and make a loud beep, so that the cared-for-person will know the alert has been sent. You will also receive a notification.

Importantly, ensure that your smartphone push notifications settings are turned on for both the AbiBird app and general phone settings. You will also need to turn on email notifications via your smartphone app in the same app notifications section.

Can the person being cared for get AbiBird to make an emergency call for assistance?

Yes, in addition to our unobtrusive motion monitoring, the cared-for-person can trigger the AbiBird sensor to send an emergency request for contact notification directly to you, by repeatedly tapping the AbiBird sensor (up to 10 times) until the sensor screen turns red and the AbiBird sensor beeps, letting the cared-for-person know that help is on its way.

Importantly, ensure that your smartphone push notifications settings are turned on for both the AbiBird app and general phone settings. You will also need to turn on email notifications via your smartphone app in the same app notifications section.

Will AbiBird detect pet movement?

As the AbiBird infrared sensor measures motion counts it is not able to differentiate between people and other moving objects, such as pets. However, place AbiBird at approx. 1.2m-1.8m above the ground, on a bench, shelf or wall which will allow the cared-for-person’s pets to move below the detection zone, and not contribute to any motion activity creating false motion or alerts.

AbiBird has a 90⁰ line of site view and a detection range of up to 10 metres.

Where can I download the AbiBird app?

The free AbiBird smartphone app (IoT Global Technologies) can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store for iPhones and from Google Play for Android Devices. Remember that you, as the Carer, will need either an iPhone (with iOS 10+) or an Android smartphone (with Android 5+).

How can I see if the older person is active via the AbiBird app?

Within the AbiBird app, each sensor has its own AbiBird chart. A quick glance will let you know that the cared-for-person is up and about and moving around as usual.

What if there is a change to the routine for the day?

If the cared-for-person travels or is away from their home for an extended period you can pause the AbiBird notifications by using the app to deactivate notification alerts, just remember to un-pause the notifications later.

Importantly, note that pausing the notification alerts on one person’s AbiBird app will pause all notifications for everybody who is part of your Carer Support Network. If you as the Carer do go away, best to turn off (v’s pause) your notifications within the app, allowing others to support the cared-for-person at home.

I have been added to a Carer Support Network, but I cannot see the account on my app.

When logging in to your new account you will be prompted to add a sensor. This step is not necessary as you have been added to an active account. You will need to switch accounts.

Instructions on how to switch accounts can be found in the How To Add Secondary Carers guide at the bottom of this support page.

Can other people be added to the notification network – Carer Support Network?

While AbiBird subscription will have a primary account holder (usually the Carer) on the app, there is no limit to the number of people who can be added to receive alerts from the AbiBird sensor(s), as part of the Carer Support Network. All people added to your Carer support network will need to have a compatible smart phone.

Importantly, any member of the network can change the global schedule and notifications setting via their app. We recommend discussing AbiBird with any additional Carer who has access to you Carer Support Network before setting them up on the app.

My account.

How do I access my account details?

Simply go to the AbiBird website’s ‘My Account’ section and enter your email address associated with your account and password.

When will I be billed?

Your AbiBird subscription is billed one month in advance, however for the first month we will provide an extra week for delivery and allow you time to setup your AbiBird(s).

You may cancel your subscription at any time before the second or any future billing cycles, by phoning 1300 13 21 21 or emailing

What are my payment options?

To provide you the greatest level of flexibility, while maintaining the highest level of security for all, we use the following third party payment providers:
1. Stripe: We can accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa (inc debit Visa and MasterCard).
– Millions of companies in over 120 Countries use Stripe for secure online transactions.
2. Paypal: We can also accept credit cards and debit account payments via your personal Paypal account.
– As part of the ordering process you simply have to log into your Paypal account and confirm which debit or credit account you would like to utilise.
Please note that there is a 3.025% charge if you wish to use American Express for your credit card payment.
Call us on 1300 13 21 21 with any payment questions you may have.

How can I see my payment history?

Your payment history can be viewed by logging in to ‘My Account’, on our AbiBird website.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, phone 1300 13 21 21 or email to This will suspend your subscription and allow 30 days for you to return the AbiBird sensor.
Our AbiBird Customer Care team will send you a replied paid envelope to return your AbiBird sensor(s).
Importantly, before shipping the AbiBird sensor(s) back to us:
1. Within your AbiBird smartphone app, please turn off all notifications (Push Notifications & Email); you can find these settings within the App under ‘Accounts’ and then ‘Notifications’; plus
2. Place your AbiBird sensor(s) into travel mode by pressing the black button under the battery cover until the sensor flashes yellow.
If the device is not received within 30 days of cancellation, monthly subscription fees will reactivate until the device is returned.

What about Privacy?

At AbiBird, we understand the importance of privacy, particularly given you have entrusted in us, personal information about your loved one.

We only use personal information about you or your loved one to identify you, send important notices to you, or to provide the AbiBird service itself.

The data we capture from the AbiBird service within the AbiBird app is treated as confidential in accordance with AbiBird’s Privacy Policy.

Can I obtain a copy of the motion activity data captured by AbiBird?

Yes. If you wish to access your or your loved one’s personal information, including accessing AbiBird historical activity data, please contact our AbiBird Customer Contact Centre on 1300 13 21 21.

My order.

How do I review my AbiBird order?

You will receive an order confirmation email as soon as you place your Order (including payment). You can also review your order details on our websites ‘My Account’

When can I expect delivery of my AbiBird order?

We use AusPost for shipping of all AbiBirds. An email confirming shipment with the tracking information will be sent to you as soon as your AbiBird sensor(s) leave our warehouse. Typical postage times will take about a week.

What do I do if my AbiBird Sensor(s) don’t arrive?

Please call our AbiBird Customer Contact Centre on 1300 13 21 21 and an AbiBird Customer Care representative will be able to assist you.

Technical Information.

Do you need the Internet at the Cared-for-Person’s home for the AbiBird sensor?

AbiBird does not need the Internet or any other installed technology in your loved one’s home. AbiBird uses the Internet of Things network (IoT), supplied by our network carrier. Best of all, you don’t need to know what IoT means – there’s a strong chance it already covers their home!

Do I need Internet access to use the AbiBird smartphone app and how much data will I use?

Like all smartphone apps, the AbiBird app does rely on Internet access (either mobile data or WiFi) on your Apple or Android smartphone. This allows you to receive the motion chart data and notification alerts on the AbiBird app. The good news is that no matter whether you are around the corner or on the other side of the world, you can always know if your loved ones are OK.

As the data packets are very small, the AbiBird app uses negligible data relative to most mobile data and home Internet plans.

What power does the AbiBird sensor need to operate?

The AbiBird activity sensor runs on 4 x AA batteries for up to 12 months. No wall-socket power is required. Simply place the AbiBird sensor on a shelf in high-activity areas within your loved one’s home.

How do I know if the batteries need replacing?

The AbiBird sensor will send a ‘low battery alert’ to the app when the batteries have 20% power remaining and a ‘critically low battery alert’ when they reach 5% power. We recommend changing the batteries when the first alert is received.

Note: After installing new batteries, test the sensor by tapping a few times. The sensor will beep and flash red.

What is the range of detection for the AbiBird sensor?

AbiBird has a 90⁰ line of site view and a detection range of up to 10 metres.

Has AbiBird been tested and approved for Australian Standards?

Yes, AbiBird has CE Certification and complies with the Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA – AS 4607-1999).

What should I do if I have any setup issues or there is a fault or technical issue with my AbiBird?

We have a number of resources to help you setup your AbiBird(s) and app, including a number of self-help guides that can easily be accessed at the bottom of this support section.
Please read these guides carefully to see if you can solve any setup issue. Alternatively, phone 1300 13 21 21 or email details of the problem to and a Customer Care Representative will contact you to resolve the issue (setup or technical).

Download the app.

To download the app, choose the preferred device.

Quick Start Guide.

For quick set-up instructions, please download the Quick Start Guide provided.


Full User Guide.

For full installation and set-up instructions, please download the User Guide provided.


Features of AbiBird.

A quick snap shot of some of the great AbiBird features.


How to guides for general set up and mobile devices

AbiBird App Update – February 2019
What’s New and What’s Changed Download PDF
Customer Profiles and Recommendations Download PDF
How to Read AbiBird Activity Graphs and Notifications Download PDF
How to Use AbiBird Sensor Modes Download PDF
How to Use AbiBird Sensor to Trigger a Request for Contact Download PDF
Apple iOS Android
How to Download AbiBird App and Create an Account Download PDF Download PDF
How to Pair AbiBird Sensor with App and Account Download PDF Download PDF
How to Name Sensor Location and Place in Position Download PDF Download PDF
How to Set Up or Modify Daily Routines Download PDF Download PDF
How to Set or Change Notification Preferences Download PDF Download PDF
How to Add Additional Sensors Download PDF Download PDF
How to Check Sensor Status and Rename Sensor Download PDF Download PDF
How to Adjust Sensor Alert Sensitivity Download PDF Download PDF
How to Pause Sensor Notifications Download PDF Download PDF
How to Add Secondary Carers Download PDF Download PDF
How to Change Timezone Settings Download PDF Download PDF

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