How does AbiBird work?

AbiBird is a small, unobtrusive activity that can be placed on a shelf or attached to a wall. AbiBird uses world-first intelligent technology and a discreet motion sensor to track ‘normal’ day and night activity.

A quick glance at the smartphone app will indicate that the person being cared for is going about their routine as usual. If activity exceeds normal levels, or motion stops, AbiBird will immediately alert the app of the nominated contact/s via smartphone notifications and email.

When should I activate my AbiBird activity sensor?

You can activate your AbiBird sensor as soon as you receive it.

A detailed 'User Guide' on how to operate the AbiBird sensor and smartphone app is available at www.abibird.com.au/user-guide

Where can I download the App?

The app is free and can be downloaded by searching 'AbiBird' on either the App Store (for Apple iPhones) or Google Play (for Android devices).

What does the nominated person need in order to receive alerts from the AbiBird sensor?

The nominated person needs a smartphone to receive alerts from the AbiBird sensor. The smartphone may be either Apple or Android.

To receive alerts, the nominated person needs to download the free AbiBird app from either the App Store or Google Play.

Can I use AbiBird to alert my family, friends or carer if I need help?

There are three ways in which AbiBird will send an alert to your nominated people if you need help;

1. tap AbiBird repeatedly (up to 10 times) until the screen goes red and AbiBird beeps or

2. count to 10 slowly, clap or bang twice and keep repeating the process until the screen goes red and you hear AbiBird beep. (you will need to repeat this process at least 10 times).

3. If not motion is detected, or if there is excessive motion in a home during active time, an alert will also be sent.

How will AbiBird know if I leave the house?

You can pause the AbiBird sensor when leaving the house to avoid it sending false alerts to the app.

You can also adjust the sensitivity of the AbiBird sensor so that it only sends alerts when it has not detected movement for a specified period of time (see the AbiBird 'User Guide' for more detail on setting sensitivity levels).

I have pets; can AbiBird differentiate between me and my pets?

By placing AbiBird approx. 1.2m - 1.8m above the ground, on a bench, shelf or a wall, pets can move below its detection zone without signalling an alert.

If I need help, how will AbiBird know?

Your AbiBird set up includes setting 'active time'.

During active time AbiBird will keep an eye out for motion and send an alert if no activity is detected for a set period of time. During inactive time, no motion is expected so AbiBird will let your nominated family member, friend or carer know if there is unexpected activity.

Who can be a nominated contact person to receive alerts from the AbiBird activity sensor?

You can nominate whoever you like to receive alerts from the AbiBird sensor.

A nominated person may be a family member, friend or carer. We recommend discussing AbiBird with the nominated person before setting up your AbiBird activity sensor.

Can I set alert notifications to go to more than one nominated person?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of people who can be nominated to receive notification from an AbiBird activity sensor. When an alert is triggered, the AbiBird sensor will send notifications directly to nominated smartphone/s as well as sending email notifications.

What if I don’t have anyone to list as a nominated contact person to receive alerts from the AbiBird activity sensor?

You can ask a family member, friend or neighbour to be your contact person and to receive alerts from the AbiBird activity sensor.

How do I know that alert notifications have been received?

The AbiBird sensor sends each alert multiple times to every nominated smartphone and email address. As long as the nominated contact's smartphone is on and receiving messages, the alert will be received.

What should I do if there is a fault or technical issue with my AbiBird activity sensor?

Please read the 'User Guide' instructions carefully to see if you can solve your technical issue. Alternatively, email your enquiry to enquiries@abibird.com.au

If you still have a problem, mail the activity sensor back to AbiBird with a full explanation of the problem. AbiBird will mail a new activity sensor to you, postage paid. Please refer to the 'Where do I return my AbiBird' at the bottom of the FAQs for the address of your closest supplier.


Has the AbiBird sensor been tested and approved for Australian standards?

Yes, AbiBird complies with the Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA - AS 4607-1999)

Does the AbiBird sensor need power, a land-line, internet 3G/4G or Wi-Fi to work?

No, the AbiBird sensor is battery powered and communicates over the global Sigfox wireless network.

AbiBird is powered by 4 x AA batteries. The batteries will last up to 6+ months. AbiBird will send a notification when the batteries need to be replaced.

I don’t have an internet connection or access to Wi-Fi; will AbiBird work at my house?

Yes, AbiBird operates via the Sigfox* wireless network. AbiBird does not need internet, 3G/4G or a Wi-Fi connection to work.

*Subject to Sigfox network coverage in your area.

What is the Sigfox network?

Sigfox is the world's leading Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity service.

Similar to Wi-Fi, it is a wireless network that uses radio frequency technology to transmit information that enables connectivity between lower powered devices.

By using Sigfox*, AbiBird ensures everyone is able to use its activity sensor, regardless of whether they have an internet or telephone connection. Sigfox is currently available in 17 countries. *subject to Sigfox network coverage in your area.

Check Sigfox coverage near you at https://www.sigfox.com/en/coverage

What is the range of detection for the AbiBird sensor?

The AbiBird sensor will detect activity and movement for up to 10 metres from the sensor and within a 90° angle of sight of the sensor screen.

How do I know if the batteries in the AbiBird sensor require replacement?

The AbiBird sensor will send 'low battery alerts' when the batteries need replacing.

We recommend changing your batteries when the first alert is received.

How much does the AbiBird activity sensor cost?

The cost of the first AbiBird sensor is $15 per month. Each additional AbiBird costs $10 per month. These prices are valid until the end of December, 2018. All prices exclude GST.

There is no charge for the AbiBird app and you can invite any number of family members or friends to view the app on their smartphone.

There are no hidden fees or charges.

Are there any entry or exit fees?

No, there are no entry or exit fees. The only charge is the cost per month per AbiBird sensor.

Do I have to lock-in to a contract?

No, there is no lock in contract. The minimum charge is $15 per month for the first AbiBird. A second and each additional AbiBird is charged at $10 per month. Each AbiBird is billed for one month in advance of delivery. You may return the AbiBird before the commencement of the second or any future billing month. All prices exclude GST.

FREE Trial Returns - Please refer to the Return Paid address detailed in your welcome letter.

How do I make the monthly payments?

Monthly payments are set up via credit card or direct debit to your nominated account?

Do I need to pay a deposit for the AbiBird activity sensor?

No, you do not need to pay a deposit for the AbiBird sensor.

Is there financial assistance available?

AbiBird does not provide any financial assistance for the use of its activity sensors.

Where do I return my AbiBird?

If you are returning a device from the Introductory Free Trial, please refer to the Return Paid address detailed in your Welcome Letter.

For all other returns, please securely package your AbiBird and return to the supplier in your nearest capital city:

Adelaide - PO BOX 61, Dry Creek SA 5094

Brisbane - PO Box 359, Brisbane Market QLD 4106

Canberra - 36 Endurance Ave, Queanbeyan NSW 2620

Melbourne - 26-28 Kilkenny Court, South Dandenong VIC 3175

Perth - PO Box 185, Thornlie WA 6108

Sydney - 8A Foundry Road, Seven Hills NSW 2147



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