AbiBird was invented in Australia to support people who want to retain their independence as they age.

AbiBird is a small, unobtrusive device that can be placed on a shelf or attached to a wall. It uses world-first intelligent technology and a discreet motion sensor to track ‘normal’ day and night activity.

A quick glance at the smartphone app will confirm that the person being cared for is going about their routine as usual. If activity exceeds normal routines, or motion stops, AbiBird will immediately alert the carer via app notifications and email.

One or two AbiBird units are enough for a typical residence. Downloading the app, pairing AbiBird to a smartphone and setting up a standard routine schedule takes less than two minutes. The only maintenance required is replacing four AA batteries when notified.

AbiBird offers wireless, unobtrusive monitoring without the need for a wearable device or a telephone or internet connection.

AbiBird’s technology operates over the global SigFox network* which allows secure, low power connectivity between the sensor and the app.

* Subject to network coverage in your area



No need for cables, no electricity,  no Wi-Fi, no 3G/4G



Real-time notifications via the app and e-mail. Notifications can be shared with different users

Long life battery

Long life battery

up to 12 months 4 x AA batteries

Quick Installation

Quick Installation

Simple to install

Register your interest!

AbiBird is looking for 500 families to participate in FREE trials, in Moreton Bay QLD, Perth and Mandurah WA and Adelaide SA, from December 2017 to February 2018.


To be eligible participants must:

  • be 65 or older and living alone or with a partner in Moreton Bay, Perth, Mandurah or Adelaide and be willing to have one or two AbiBirds installed in their home for the trial period
  • have a family member, friend or carer(s) who live in a different property and are willing to download and use the app on their smartphone
  • be willing to complete a short anonymous survey after 6 weeks with any feedback they have.

To register your interest, complete the form, including the street address and suburb of the older person’s home in which AbiBird will be trialled. AbiBird will then get in touch with you.


Following the trials, AbiBird will be launching to the rest of Australia and globally throughout 2018.


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