The majority of Australians want to continue living independently, without compromising on safety and peace of mind.

That’s why we created the AbiSensor.

A discreet yet powerful system that plays constant companion, keeping a caring eye on older independents. We’ve taken the guessing and worry away, so you can breathe easy.

How AbiSensor works


Set up in minutes. Simply place an AbiSensor in your loved one’s home, download the app and synchronise.


The AbiSensor continually and unobtrusively tracks activity at home according to their normal routine.


If activity stops or varies from the routine, an alert is sent to your phone so you know to check in and make sure everything is okay.

Key features

Private real-time monitoring

24/7 connectivity with no audio or visual recordings

Complete privacy

No audio or visual recording assures complete privacy

Extended battery life

Up to 12 months of uninterrupted use on standard replaceable batteries

Affordable, subscription-based pricing

Plus NO installation charges or lock in contracts.

Simple set up

Simple to set up and easy to use for all those connected

Smartphone app

The AbiBird app puts peace of mind in your palm

“The sensors were fabulous. Being able to passively monitor mum made such a difference to my stress levels while she insisted on living alone. I have recommended AbiBird to anyone I know who is in a similar position with caring for someone. ”


“AbiBird has been an absolute lifeline for us. The peace of mind it gives us knowing Mum is okay, and that if she’s not okay we’ll be notified, is invaluable.”


Affordable Pricing

The AbiSensor is only $20/month

Add an additional AbiSensor for just $10/month.
No lock in contracts!

Our other solutions



AbiButton is a go-anywhere personal safety device with unlimited range and extended battery life of up to 12 months for confidence when it counts.



AbiDuo creates a proactive and protective environment, in and out of the home by using the AbiButton and AbiSensor together.


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