Peace of Mind

Throughout the night, know your child is protected and not alone.

AbiFit is a rapid movement sensor specifically designed to assist families living with Epilepsy by alerting them in the event of a child or loved one experiencing a night-time Tonic-Clonic type seizure event.

AbiBird Australia Pty Ltd, a leading developer of Australian Patented motion and movement assistive technologies and sensors, in partnership with Epilepsy South Australia, a professional organisation committed to providing quality, caring services to people in South Australia living with epilepsy, is proud to introduce AbiFit.

How AbiFit works


The AbiFit Epilepsy rapid movement sensor is a small device that is placed in your child’s bedroom.


The AbiFit sensor monitors sleep patterns and alerts family members within 20-30 seconds of detecting what it expects are Tonic-Clonic type seizure movements. An audible alarm and notification is activated.


The multiple alerts including an audible alarm and mobile notification will prompt you to wake from your own sleep and quickly provide the appropriate assistance to your child.

Key features

Private real-time monitoring

24/7 connectivity with no audio or visual recordings

Audio Alarm

When triggered, AbiFit sensor alarms loudly

Extended battery life

Standard replaceable Lithium batteries

Affordable, subscription-based pricing

NO lock in contracts for convenience and value

Simple set up

Simple to set up and easy to use

Smartphone app

The STS Secure app puts peace of mind in the palm of your hand

Trial Information Pack


“I'd like to sing the praises of the AbiBird product and their dedicated support staff from the rooftops! I cannot recommend AbiBird too highly - it has allowed our family to let Mum remain alone in her own home for an extra 18 months.”


“AbiBird has been an absolute lifeline for us. The peace of mind it gives us knowing Mum is okay, and that if she’s not okay we’ll be notified, is invaluable.”


“I have recommended AbiBird to anyone I know who is in a similar position with caring for someone.”


Affordable Pricing

3 Month Free Trial

then an affordable $15 per month subscription

Add an additional AbiFit30 Sensor for just $10/month.

  • 3 month RISK FREE trial
  • No lock in contracts
  • FREE shipping
  • Hassle-free returns
  • Cancel anytime

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