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AbiBird unobtrusive
activity sensor.


Peace of mind

$20 per Month
No Lock in Contracts
Batteries included, delivered to your home
Easy Installation



AbiBird – Connecting families and supporting independence throughout Australia.

AbiBird is an ingenious blend of technology that includes the AbiBird unobtrusive activity sensor and the AbiBird smartphone app. AbiBird has been developed so that your mum, dad and older loved ones can retain the independence they deserve. AbiBird gives you peace of mind in knowing, all the time, that your older loved ones are OK, or importantly, if they may not be okay.

The AbiBird unobtrusive activity sensor sits on a shelf in your older loved one’s home and senses ‘normal’ day and night activity. The AbiBird sensor communicates with the AbiBird app on your smartphone, with the activity from your loved one’s home appearing on the AbiBird app as an hourly line chart – 24/7. There is no camera, so privacy and independence is always maintained, and your peace of mind is never further away than your smartphone.

AbiBird is a truly unique product for our older Australians

Quick and easy installation!

AbiBird is delivered to your home, ready to go straight out of the box in less than 2 minutes! Batteries are already installed and a default schedule is pre-programmed.

No lock-in contracts, ever!

AbiBird is billed monthly, otherwise it’s entirely commitment free – no lock-in contracts and no minimum term – ever!

No camera or audio recording!

Independence should not come at the expense of their privacy. AbiBird has no camera and it does not record any audio.

No Internet required!

AbiBird uses the Internet of Things (IoT) network – but you don’t need to worry – there’s a strong chance our IoT network already covers your loved one’s home.

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AbiBird is proudly Australian made and owned!

AbiBird has been born, raised and developed by Australians for our older Australians. AbiBird stands for independence, so our loved ones can age in their own homes, with the privacy and dignity that they deserve.

Providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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The AbiBird Sensor

The AbiBird unobtrusive Activity sensor detects ‘normal’ day and night activity in your loved one’s home and displays this activity on the AbiBird app on your Smartphone, appearing as an hourly line chart – 24/7. Privacy and independence for your loved one is always maintained, and your peace of mind is never further away than your Smartphone.


Battery powered and convenient

The AbiBird activity sensor runs on 4 x AA batteries for up to 1 year. No wall-socket power is required.

No camera, no audio recording

AbiBird uses infrared motion sensors to detect activity. There is no camera and no audio recording.

Ingenious technology

The AbiBird activity sensor and AbiBird app alerting you on your Smartphone when something may not be okay.

Unobtrusive auto alerts

AbiBird is not a wearable device, it sits on a shelf and won’t be offended if your loved one forgets that it’s even there. AbiBird looks out for your loved ones, it does not look over them.
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